Unemployment in India – How Creativity could be the master key to the Income Door

Unemployment in India


In this blog, you will read about:

  • Unemployment in India
  • Factors that lead up to unemployment in India : Population, bitter truth about institutes and industries
  • Solution to unemployment in India : How making a career in creative fields could be the solution to a secured future
  • If Creators are excelling in life, what makes us run away from Creative Fields? Ignorance and Myths.
  • Why two-sources of income is the need of hour. How to find the other possible source(s) of income.
  • Bonus: Career Options on our plate (Let’s kill Unemployment in India!)

Unemployment in India

Imagine yourself waking up only to know that you don’t have an office to reach on time, or a business to run. Imagine, you neither have a boss to report, or an employee working under you. Scary, isn’t it? Being unemployed, having bills piled up at your desk but no source of income.

According to google, Rate of Unemployment in India averaged 7.34 percent from 2018 until 2020. However, as nobody could predict that the world would be severely hit with a pandemic, Coronavirus or Covid19, locking us all in the safety of our homes; Unemployment in India is only going to worsen with many businesses shutting down. Businesses, that were a major provider of jobs in India. Many of you could relate to this if you have been sent on an unpaid leave by your company, asked to search for a new job or if you run a business, especially if the business is a startup business like mine, Gemeena Jewelcraftz.

Factors that lead to Unemployment in India

Now, as I am writing this blog, I have two options. Option A: Talk about factors that lead to unemployment in India and show some recent statistics. This would eventually lead to more depression or you hating the government. Also, there are numerous blogs talking about the same things, showing the same data. All you have to do is google the three words: Unemployment in India.


Option B: View unemployment in India from a new perspective to know exactly where it began, and to know what really needs to be changed.

So, Let’s begin, shall we?

To start with, I am hereby classifying the population in six groups.

Keep in mind these six groups as we require them to understand every aspect of Indian Education system, the current Job Sector and unemployment in India.

India, world’s second largest Population with the world’s second largest school system

With more than 1.33 billion people and 1.5 million schools, you can imagine how many students pass out of school or colleges each year to enter the workforce. Nearly 1.2 crore. While number of jobs remains far below what is needed even with the economy growing at over 7 percent.

What’s the reason? Let me show you.

Based on my observation, there are two type of career fields: Creative fields and Saturated fields.  

Creative Fields

Are the  professions where you create something, maybe a product, a piece of art, a service, entertainment or value. Since these professions are based solely on skills, you can be employed or self-employed. That is you can do a job, or you can do something of your own. Interestingly, every field is a creative field. If you are a doctor, what are you creating, a treatment. If you are an engineer, what are you creating, technology or infrastructure. And if you are an army general, what are you creating, plan to defeat the opponent and defend your country. Every profession needs a creative mind. In your room every product that you see is a result of a creative process. The chair you are sitting on, well somebody, someday came up with the idea.

On the other hand,

Saturated Career Fields

Are the creative professions that have so many applicants that the number of seats are lesser as compared to the number of applicants. Hence, these fields are becoming more and more competitive each year. So competitive, that only few percentage of applicants make it to the best positions and get good salary packages.

The best example of this being engineering. According to a survey, over 80% engineers in India are unemployable. Why? We will get to it later in the blog.

For instance, consider a school with 150 students studying in 12th grade. 80-90% of students would opt for the saturated fields, and would be competing for Group 1 or Group 2, i.e, Private or Government sector. And the percentage might even be more, especially in rural areas. With less to no awareness about creative fields, only 10% or even less would opt for a creative field, help in family business or start something of there own. Seeing these statistics from a bird’s eye view, 80-90% of students all around the country, would be opting for saturated fields. You see the number. Exactly. The jobs are far less as compared to the number of applicants.

So, their might be problems that need to be solved by the govt., but at the ground level the problem of unemployment starts with the career choices we make. 

How our choices directly affects the Indian Economy and promotes unemployment in India

Excessive raining leads to floods. Floods cause destruction. To avoid the disaster, water flow needs to be divided.

The Indian Education System

Somehow, we all have adapted to this ideology that we can only work for someone else. We can only work on someone else’s dream. What led to this thinking? You may ask. Our education system. Since the day we enter school, we are being put against each other. We are made to learn the same thing, no matter how much importance a subject holds in our life, every lecture is of 45 minutes. While we all know practical knowledge is far more important than theoretical knowledge, theory counts for 70 marks, that we need to cram to clear and practical exam accounts for 30 marks and we all know how we pass that exam.

And think about it.

Why do we have to sit and wait for 12 years only to cram 70% knowledge that isn’t even practical enough to give us an income. Why can’t we have skill-based workshops instead. What is the purpose of making project files by copy pasting data from internet, when we can use the same internet to learn a new skill in our vacations. Why do we have to read just fictional stories,  why don’t we get to read real life inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs or creators. Why are we given essays to write on hypothetical topics, when we could be writing our experiences at a part time summer job.

These why’s are the exact reason why by the time we come out of school, we are structured to think that higher the grades, more the chances are of us being successful. The more work we do, the best. In school we cram to score good marks for teachers, parents and societies. Same with college, and then in office, we try to work hard to please our bosses. Basically we are just programmed like a machine functioned to think that we can become a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a banker, an officer or a failure.

But that is far from the truth. In any way or shape, I am not implying that Group 1 or Group 2 people have made a bad decision. Being a doctor is great, we need you. And today, the world needs you more than ever. Doctors, engineers, bankers, teachers, soldiers, every single person is important. Every job is important. But not every candidate applying for the same field shares the same passion.

Sadly, due to the dynamic in our country, so many students opt for these fields simply because they are forced to or are simply unaware of the career options out their for them. This just results in them being unhappy for most part of their lives, because with so many candidates, only the ones that are truly passionate and deserving get to the best of positions. The rest just keep applying for job or hoping things would get better.

We all have got one life, so would we rather live or just survive. This is why it is important to find out what we really want to do in our lives. Because once we know what we really wanna do, we will see that energy radiating off us. The fire within us would give us the motivation to wake up and go to work. This fire is what we need to stop unemployment in India.

Also, it is a proven fact that Group 1 (And maybe Group 2, 5 and 6) class students work for group 3 or 4 class students. As Group 1 students pass with good marks and prepare themselves for a job, but Group 4 class students discover themselves and create businesses.

The Bitter truth about Private Colleges and Private Job Sector (Group 1)

Private Institutes

If you think, the education system at school is the only problem, you might want to take a look at how colleges around the globe works.

It is no secret that the number of students passing out of school is really high as compared to number of seats available. Hence, education is more of a business now. Do you know how much money is the education business worth of, don’t google. It’s sick.

No surprise, private institutions are charging high fee in the name of placements, high paying jobs and a secured future. Education is now a business model. And this is what happens every year. Institutes roll out ads claiming, the no.1 institute for blah blah blah, claiming a placement rate of 96%. On the first day of college, the dean says to the students, you are here, your future is secured. You know what, they all will show you a presentation of 10-20 successful students, but they wouldn’t tell you that their last batch is still struggling to find good paying jobs, or even a job.

Pick up one institute, ask them to share their data for the recent batch that graduated. Ask them to present you where the students are placed and what are they earning.

So many of my friends graduated from highly reputed institutes and are now living far away from home, in a metropolitan city, in small pg rooms, at a salary of INR 15-25K and are unhappy. Sitting at home, waiting for job, and are unhappy. One of my friend took educational loan, all the land her father owned has been sold, she couldn’t complete her course, and is working at a company without degree. What is she earning? Exactly What everyone with the degrees are.

What difference did the degree made? Nothing.

And this is what is important to know.

If you plan to do engineering or medical, of course, you need to be have a degree. However, keep in mind. Even degrees have a ranking in today’s world. This rankings are associated with the name and fame of the institute. That is why over 80% of the engineers are considered unemployable. As they either lack in skills, or they have degrees from institutes that aren’t even recognized.

However, when it comes to creative fields, skill based jobs, degrees don’t really have a relevance. Half of the creative persons and content creators you know out there, doesn’t even have a degree in the profession they follow.

Private Job Sector

Since the companies know the number of candidates are more, they know they can hire employees at minimal salaries. You can either work for 12-25000 per month, or they can hire someone willing to work at the said salary. And even if you stay, the increment would reach 20-30000 for most of you. What if you ask for more increment as time passes by, they will promise you that they would increase the salary and if you are lucky, they might increase it, but till when? The most possible thing they would do is fire you and hire new.

If you think I am kidding, conduct your own survey, ask everybody in your circle, who has just joined a new job, ask their experiences, have your own analysis and then look at the salary packages. I have friends who graduated from really reputed institutes. They invested lacs of money in one degree. When they graduated, few got placed at good positions, but many had to search for jobs themselves. As freshers, most of them are earning 15-25k per month.

They have a shiny piece of paper, that we all call a degree, they all got graduated from a very reputed university, but guess what, most companies don’t really care. All they need is an employee, who could work well at their said salary.

And know what, when you are in need of something, and there is a scarcity, and the other person knows you need it badly, they took advantage. And this is what the companies are doing.

So if colleges are a scam, and degree doesn’t matter, what do we do after graduation. It’s not like anybody is really doing it on a purpose. Every institute would wish to have their students placed at good high earning positions, but with the population applying for same jobs, only a few students, the ones that are really passionate, skilled and somewhat lucky make it to the top positions.

What about the Government Institutes and Government Job Sector (Group 2)

Sure Government Colleges have a lower fee structure as compared to the private sector. And government jobs not only comes with good packages, but they also come with pretty good perks. However, be it college, or job, government sector also comes with RESERVATION.

Reservation was a good thing back then, when people were discriminated and the lower castes were deprived of opportunities. Reservation really helps the minorities and the poor. However, on the flip side, it isn’t as good for the general category, as they work hard and are equally skilled.

Some of my friends sat and prepared for exams, didn’t get a seat, because they couldn’t make it in the competition, or because they were in the general category. Someone else in the reserved category got the seat. And this has happened with millions of students.

Joining age-old Family Business (Group 3)

Having a family business in today’s time is great. For many it’s a safe option. And contributing to something your family has invested a lot of money, efforts and time in could possibly save you from years of struggle. However, even though it’s a safer option, running a business is not easy. With hundreds of businesses opening up daily, market and technology changing, businesses are not forever. And we could see so many businesses shutting down in this pandemic. For Group 3 to survive, businesses need to be constantly adaptive to the new changes.

Just like, you cannot manufacture a keypad phone in the era of smart phones, expecting it to out beat the sales of smartphones.

Entrepreneurship (Group 4)

This is pretty much similar to group 3 in terms of survival. Because every family business starts with an entrepreneur some time. However, unlike family business, people here need to do the groundwork themselves. That means, they are the ones putting in all the investments, time, efforts and ideas. This could be a hit or a miss. And one thing about business is, it needs time. Gone are the days where everything you did was original with no competition at all.

Today, the day you launch your brand, is the day many others do the same, and maybe in a better way.

Now, you could be starting your business with or without a degree. But it wouldn’t really define the success of your business. Why? Keep reading.

Lack of Awareness and Opportunities (Group 5 and 6)

So many of us has been there, sitting and thinking about what we want to pursue in life. I myself was very confused as I didn’t want to be an engineer, doctor, banker or a lawyer. I just wasn’t good at them. Neither was I interested in any of them. But, I was really lucky to have my father as he is the one who introduced me to a jewelry design course. I wasn’t even aware that such a course exists.

And this is exactly where the problem lies, so many of us lack awareness about the possible career options present in front of us. In most cases, it’s either due to the lack of awareness. Especially in rural areas, where courses and opportunities are limited.

Even if we are aware, we or our parents restrict us from opting for the same due to the myths associated with the creative fields.

Solution to unemployment in India : How making a career in creative fields could be the solution to a secured future

Apart from industries dealing in basic necessities, there are three industries that are still making huge money in this Covid-19 Pandemic. These industries are: Online entertainment industry, Online Education Industry and Telecom industry.

I know this is not the time to think about making money when people are losing lives. I could wish for nothing more but the world to recover from the pandemic. Health should be the number one priority.

However it’s also true that a lot of people have lost their jobs and are left with no source of income. Many of us are unsure if we would be able to afford basic necessities in the near future.

Amidst all these tensions, people are:

  • Spending time consuming online entertainment on streaming services/content sharing platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Utilizing time learning new skills/gaining knowledge via e-learning platforms such as Skillshare, Udemy, Youtube etc.
  • Connecting to their loved and known ones via social media, calls or texts.
  • Playing online games to cope up with the stress.

Do you see the common denominator in all things mentioned above. Everything is possible due to the ‘online platforms‘ that exist due to the internet services provided by the telecom industries.

And this is why technology comes with two sides: good and bad.

In this pandemic, internet is a life savior. Everyone has it on their smartphones. This is why content creators are still putting out content and gaining more views than ever. While everyone is sitting with low to no income, content creators are earning more than ever.

How is the Online Entertainment Business surviving in this Covid19 pandemic?

At a time when even the biggest players in the luxury goods and services industry are facing major losses, entertainment industry is growing.

As we live in an era where the definition of basic necessities have changed. We now have five basic necessities. These are Food, Clothing, Shelter, Smart Phone and Internet connection.

Think about it, you might think INR 999/- is kinda overpriced for a piece of clothing. But when it comes to data services, your combined spend on your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection could exceed the same amount.

The fact is, the way we spend on data services is totally different from the way we spend on luxury goods and services.

Why am I writing this blog? Blogs are a great way to bring traffic to a website. Where am I publishing it? On my website. How is my website running? It’s on the internet. What exactly is my blog? A piece of content. How are you consuming it? Reading it online. So am I able to work in this pandemic? Yes. If my business was booming and wasn’t a startup, if my blog was attracting huge traffic, would I be generating more views and making more sales in the near future via website? Absolutely.

So do you see the point I am making?

No matter how worse conditions are, online services are still working.

Back to School

If there is one quote that we have all heard in school life, it’s

Knowledge is like a tree, keep it growing.

Then why is it that we all stop us from learning new things the moment we are out of college. I have seen so many people who realize their career option just isn’t working for them, or that they are no longer interested in doing their jobs. But somehow, they feel, learning something new or shifting gears would make them look like a failure.

During my college years, I was often mocked for doing more than what was required. For working on a complicated software, when I could have drafted my document on Microsoft word. But I am always interested in learning new skills or softwares.

I graduated out of college as a jewelry designer. Nobody taught me how to make jewelry out of polymer clay, or how to design or operate a website. I don’t even know how to write a blog. I am just trying. After six months of me figuring out SEO, for the first time my SEO rating and readability, both have a great score. I have heard more than enough times, that I am a failure , just because I am focusing on expanding my knowledge first as cash could come later.

Throughout this lockdown, I have been learning. Books. Youtube. Skillshare. I have learnt how to cook, how to stitch lingerie, how to get good SEO rating for a page, how to paint on fabric, how to make digital caricatures and what not. And I am still far from being the best version of myself. I don’t care what others think of my timeline. Because somebody once told me:

You are your own best teacher. You could either sit for something to work or you could constantly evolve for something to work.

Let me give you another example of my brother, Sarvagya Garg. At 15 years old, he was a self taught guitarist. Over the course of three years, he has not only mastered various instruments, he is also composing music for himself and others. Today, at the age of 18, he is already earning. Who taught him how to operate music DAWs, no one. He installed the software and tried his hands on it.

One of my close friend is a data scientist. He is doing great in life. He had totally transformed his life in a matter of 2-3 years by self-tutoring himself.

Examples of Successful Content Creators and Artists

I can give you hundreds of examples from the industry. Taylor Swift, Ratan Tata, Elon Musk, Jeffree Star, Kangana Ranaut, James Charles, Roxxsaurus, Nikkie Tutorials, Bhuvan Bam, Amit Bhadana, Harsh Beniwal, Ashish Chanchlani, Komal Pandey, Niharicka Singh, Lilly Singh, Jay Shetty, Dhar Mann, RealHit, Cooking Shooking and the list goes on.

These creators are either self-made, self-taught or self-motivated to learn. They did not get overnight fame, they struggled for years too, but they kept learning and let their work paved the way to their success.

If Creators are excelling in life, what makes us run away from Creative Fields? Ignorance and Myths.

Simply stated, lack of awareness. These are the fields that go unnoticed, probably because our minds have taken everything for granted. We never think about who designed the chair we sit on, or who designed the educational system. We all complain about the system on social media, while none of us actually consider working for the betterment.

While working in these fields takes more than learning and giving written exams, excelling in them could not only bring in a lot of cash, it can actually add value to other’s life.

However that being said, one thing  that keeps people away from even letting their kids considering these career options are the myths associated with them. Let me clear them for you.

Myth 1 : What would the society think?

Well, last time I checked, society wasn’t paying anybody’s bills. And society always has something to say regardless of you being successful or not. If Bhuvan Bam thought about society, we wouldn’t have BB ki Vines hitting millions of views on every upload. Even if his content is not for everyone, you cannot deny that he has used his platform to raise awareness on topics that most of the celebrities we followed failed to. So next.

Myth 2 : These professions ruin an individual? They start getting involved in bad habits.

A person who is really passionate and committed to his/her goals in life, wouldn’t have the time to get involved in anything else. Your mind can only attract distractions till the time it’s empty. If it’s pre-occupied with the goals you want to achieve, you cannot go to bed without working on something productive.

Think about Jay Shetty, he was forced to listen to a monk by his friend when he wanted to hit the club. And the monk captivated him so much, he left everything, lived life as a monk and today he is creating videos that inspire millions of us. He is rich, he is creative, he has got money, but he still focuses on making videos and inspiring millions of people. 

Myth 3 :These fields aren’t professional as there are no degrees or exams associated with them.

These fields are very much professional and we do have institutes offering both degree and diploma courses, if that is what you are really going for.

However, the reason, most of them don’t have any written exam is because creativity does not come with a book that you could cram and boom you are a creative person. Creativity comes from within. Creativity means you have to create something, it is not something that one could memorize.

It’s not like when you fail an exam in school, you are the only one affected. A creative person goes through real life exams, as a failed product could bring more loss and could possibly have a bad impact on the target market. We often have articles about a celebrity or a sportsperson or a millionaire being a drop out. But they are still more successful than we are.

The worst thing is, majority of us go to college to earn a degree, when we should have been going to gain knowledge and experience. With or without degree, knowledge and skills matter the most. It’s 2020 guys. Move on.

Myth 4 :Creativity is just drawing on a piece of paper.

A thing about creativity is that it needs a plan, a process. You really need to put down all your thoughts onto the desk.

A stand up artist needs a script, a content creator needs to plan out the content. A jewelry designer needs to ideate. A creative person has to gather concepts and ideas, work on them, and keep trying and failing, and trying again just to get to the right product or a content.

And planning is just the beginning, a successful execution is required. Without practicality, creativity doesn’t reach anywhere. So, what you think is just a drawing, is just a part of the process, the actual process is much more complex and needs as much as mind as you would require in any other field.

If I ask a group of random students to design a chair. Would every drawing make up to the final model. Would every design be practical? How can we judge the practicality of all the designs, by observing, considering, and prototyping it. So it does take a lot. 

Myth 5 :Creative people are blessed with a skill, they are born talented.

Umm,,no. Not really.

All you need for creativity is observation. Skills improve over time. It’s observation that really makes an individual discover places for creativity. And everyone has a creative switch inside them, only thing that matters is some of us have discovered it, some are yet to and some would never.

Not every lyricist is a singer, not every makeup artist has a good skin, not every designer fabricates his/her own designs. You can be your best version at one thing, and still make a living off it, just because you love it and are passionate about it.

Think about Taylor Swift, who doesn’t know her at this point. With 7 hit albums and countless awards on her sleeve, one might think she is lucky or she is just born talented. When in real, she is a very hardworking smart business woman.

She was heavily criticized for almost everything she did. She began with writing songs and playing guitar, but when she started singing live, she wasn’t the best at her vocals. Her writing ability and vocals were questioned by many, but she kept creating art, she kept observing, writing, practicing and today she is one of the finest singer/songwriter our generation has and her vocals, they are on fire. If you think she was born with her hit single, Shake it Off, you are mistaken. Shake it off is just her not giving a care to the hate she receives.

Myth 6 :You need a lot of money to start something or create something.

Recently I stumbled across a post on facebook, where a man turned an empty metal drum into a hand-washing sink at a bus stop. And his creativity went viral on social media, this happened in Africa and the natives were urging the government to find him to work on his idea as these washing sinks could be implemented at taxi stations.

Do you realize how useful this sink could be for everyone, especially at a time when we are required to wash our hands from time to time. Did his idea took up a lot of money, no. But it still went viral just because it was well thought of.

Myth 7 :Everything has been done, now there is nothing left to try.

People in the twentieth century would have never imagined about an app that would bring two people sitting at the opposite corners of the world closer with just a text. Why, because there were no smartphones to begin with.

We have achieved so much in the last thirty years, what makes you think we would have nothing new by the year 2050? Every year we have a new model of iPhone coming out and people still invest in them. I have so many friends that change their phones even if their phones are perfectly fine just because they want the latest technology in their hands.

Every single product is getting upgraded, by designers. Even the ways of earning is changing, we now have content creators at age 14 earning far more in a month than we are making in an year. So there are a lot of things left to try, we just need to figure out what.

Myth 8 :Recession is hitting, nobody would buy our services.

And this is why we need to change our fields, this is why we need to get out of that mindset that we could only belong to group 1 just to be successful. Group 1, 2 and 6 are the group that have the most number of unemployed people right now. Because rest groups simply don’t have much candidates and even if they do, creativity is free from reservation. The only scale for success in this field is creativity, passion and your target audience.

Moreover, so many people have lost their jobs. You might be one of them. And if you are, utilize this time. Learn something new to open new doors of income.

Myth 9 :It’s not a man’s job.

The batch I was a part of had 25 students, 23 girls, 2 boys. And if I could tell one thing, both of them are highly highly creative. Often men get criticized for opting for professions such as art and design, makeup or cooking. But really though, your gender should not decide your career options.

And just to name a few successful content creators out there, channels like BB ki Vines, Fituber, Cooking shooking, Bharatz Kitchen are all led by men. And not even man, we have the LGBTQ community having one of the finest makeup gurus out there, Jeffree star being one of them. 

So you see, all these myths are making your mind reject the idea of being a part of creative field. When in reality, we have more successful people these days, who are just putting out content and slaying it like a boss.

So in short, myths are myths. Forget everything, find out what you really want to be and pursue your dreams.

Why two-source of income is the need of hour. How to find the other possible source(s) of income.

If there is one thing I have learnt over the course of 8 years, it is that ‘Life is pretty unpredictable‘. Be it professional or personal, I have seen certain things not working the way I wanted them to. And I have seen unpredictable things working the best for me.

Maybe the job you are working at no longer brings you satisfaction. Maybe your family is getting bigger and what was once enough for you is just living on the edge now. Perhaps the company you work at is going to shut down. This unpredictable change is pushing you into the hole of depression.

But what if you have one or more options of income at your hand now. All of a sudden, the perspective has changed.

This is exactly what we need.

We need to have more skills at our hand, we need to have more knowledge in our brain, so we could have more options at our hand. Moreover,

It’s never too late to start over again.

Almost every artist, content creators or influencers have their own merchandise. Why do they need it, they are making millions anyways. Well, who doesn’t like to earn some extra cash. If anything, it only makes you more financially secure.

If you don’t believe me, just google how many celebrities started their own beauty line in the recent years. You got it.

Investing in multiple courses and investing few years in growing Vs Investing all your life savings in one piece of paper and all your efforts in one job.

Today’s world is all about competition. And even creative fields face tight competition. Even big businesses and brands face it.

Ever wondered why it is impossible to beat Amazon, an e-commerce giant that started off with books and gradually expended itself so much that today we see it at war with almost everyone. Spotify, Amazon music. Netflix, Amazon Prime. Google home, Alexa. FedEx, Amazon Logistics. Storytel, Audible.

If amazon would have stuck with just books, it might see competition from a lot of other e-commerce companies selling books, but nobody knew its plan. We didn’t even realize when Amazon just became a hub for almost everything. Like from clothes to grocery, what is there that you can’t find on Amazon.

And this is the key to survive in today’s date. Be like Amazon, Think like Amazon. Do not spend all your lives savings learning just one skill, because when that gate is closed, not many realize the need to open a new door. When you spend time on learning different skills though, you open doors to multiple opportunities. 

Sometimes it may seem like you are barely making any money in the process of learning, but good things take time. Cash would come later, first master the skills.

How to find out what you are good at and switch on your creative button?

To do what you really wanna do is something that requires self-discovery. Take sometime out, and just think about things that you like to do. Things that you consume daily. It could be a hobby, watching something on youtube, just anything that you enjoy doing. Because, you can build a career out of anything that you love to do.

For instance, maybe you watch a lot of makeup related videos, and you then try out some looks that you have learnt. You step out and receive few compliments from your friends and family. “Hey, your makeup looks amazing!”. What does it tell about you, you could be a makeup artist.

My entire school life, I have loved creating art. And I always had this thing for details. I always loved creating something miniature out of waste products and even in my sketches, I used to pay a lot of attention to the tiniest of details. So I was in tenth grade and my history teacher asked us, what do you want to be, everybody said what they all wanted to be. When my turn came, I told him I wanted to be a designer, and I really had no idea why I said that.

And He. Got. Furious.

He sort of mocked me for the same. He asked me how I could become a designer when my father is a very reputed Architect and he told me, designing is a small field. I felt embarrassed and decided to just go with Architecture and opted for non-medical, (also because I hated a guy) but anyways I ended up studying something that I was really not interested in, and I didn’t score good marks.

Even in my physics lecture, I would doodle something on my notebook. So after my board exams, my dad came up to me, and to my surprise he suggested me to go for jewellery designing. And I am very lucky to have someone in my family understand my creative potential, because I totally gave up the idea of being a designer. And my entire college life, I loved every second of it, simply because I loved creating art and that was what I was and I am passionate about. Be it designing jewelry, creating digital caricatures, rendering gemstones, I just love all of this. 

Therefore, it’s very important for you to sit with yourself and ask yourself, what you really want to do. Then ask yourself if you would be happy doing it. If the answer is yes, go for it.

For instance, you love trying out products, you are very picky about them, about their quality, their design, their packaging, their quantity, how it works, the price point, just everything about them. Become a product reviewer, because there are people that are earning a lot each month just by reviewing products.

We have beauty gurus reviewing makeup, fitness gurus, reviewing fitness products, technical people reviewing technology, and you all know these people! We have motivational speakers creating videos and inspiring millions. People uploading animated stories, we have drama channels reporting celebs related drama. And vloggers just recording their lifestyle.

Of course they all worked hard, they remained consistent with their work to reach that amount of following, but what career doesn’t require efforts.

So wake up, the world is changing, the ways of earning are changing. The dynamic that was there decades ago no longer exists. It’s your choice to go for a degree, or a diploma or just simply attend workshops by industry experts. It is your choice to attend a institute to specialize in one single field, read a book or take short courses on skillshare, udemy or other knowledge sharing platforms or workshops to learn multiple skills. 

If you think I am joking, I learnt website designing, jewelry photography, caricatures, realistic jewelry rendering, corelDraw, photoshop and what not, all by myself.

If I could do it, if my friends could do it, if the people you follow could do it. So can you. And together we can defeat unemployment in India.

Bonus: Career Options on our plate (Let’s kill Unemployment in India!)

Art & Design:

Designer ( Fashion, Textile, Graphic, Communication, Interior, Products (wide range), Jewelry and Accessory, Footwear, Course, Website, Software, Animation, Set, Food, Packaging, Service ), Manual Designer, CAD Designer, Design Consultant and Faculty, Artist, Artisan, Product Developer, Entrepreneur

Health & Beauty: 

Doctor, Dietitian, Fitness Coach, Yoga Instructor, Gym Trainer, Zumba Dancer, Makeup artist, Hair Stylist, Fashion Stylist, Manufacturer of body-care, hair-care, beauty and skincare, healthcare products ( vitamins, supplements and  medicines ).


Product Reviewer, Fashion Reviewer, Jewelry and Accessory Reviewer, Electronics and Gadgets Reviewer, Makeup/Skin-Care/Healthcare/Body-care Products Reviewer, Services and e-services Reviewer, Music and Entertainment Reviewer, Accommodation and restaurants reviewer, Places and markets reviewer


Retailer, Product/Visual Merchandiser, Digital Marketing, Network Marketing, Promotions

Glamour Fields:

Model, Youtuber, Creator, Vlogger, Blogger, Stand-up artist, Talk show host, Acting, Dancing, Singing, News Reporting and Drama Channels


Chef, Bakery, Restaurant, Cafe, Food Course, Food Design Course, Events, Catering


Singer, Songwriter, Cover-artist, instrumental artist, DJ, Producer, Vocal Coach, Live shows

Knowledge Sharing:

Knowledge Building, Teacher, Faculty, Udemy, Skillshare, Speaker, Career Guider, Motivational speaker, Workshop, Masterclass

Non-Profit and Environment:

NGOs, animal shelter, eco-friendly products, eco-friendly packaging, contributing in flora and fauna, working on program to help mankind.


Product Development, Logistics and Warehousing, Catering, Providing work force, Event organizer, Consultant, Promotion, Marketing etc.

Events and Real Estate:

Housing, Property, Incubator Programmes, Exhibitions, Shows, Events, Workshops, Talks, Standups, Restaurant, Hotel, Amusement Parks

Who knows what new you could add to this list. Get inspired. Be a creator.

This brings us to the end of this blog. I hope you find it eye-opening, informative and helpful. Let us not panic, and instead help in defeating Unemployment in India.

If you would like to read more such blogs, comment down what you would like me to talk upon. Also follow me on all my social media platforms, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. To know more about me, visit https://gemeena.com/milestones/ .

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Unemployment in India

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